Sunday, January 27, 2013

"Passion Areas" in our Schools

Our text this week focused on the following nine areas of passion that school administrators use to identify areas of growth/inquiry on their campuses.  

1.    Staff development
2.    Curriculum development
3.    Individual teacher(s)
4.    Individual student(s)
5.    School culture/community
6.    Leadership
7.    Management
8.    School performance
9.    Social justice or equity issues

In reading through this chapter, I kept coming back to the same question... most of what I see the assistant principals on my campus doing daily is a result of management.  Discipline, organization, email,  lunch duty, fire drills, etc.  How do they find time to address the other eight areas of the job and do they feel unfufilled due to the large amount of time spent in one area?  I think I'll ask a couple this week.  Perhaps I'm just not privy to observing the time they get to spend in the other eight. 

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  1. What a great question! I'd be interested to know what they say. The assistant principals I know seem so bogged down in discipline and monitoring various school activities!