Monday, February 4, 2013

Updated Action Research Plan

Action Planning Template

Goal: How can I modify the current Highland Belle audition protocols to make the experience more reasonable and satisfying for all stakeholders, regardless of the outcome?

Action Steps(s):
Person(s) Responsible:
Timeline: Start/End
Needed Resources

Thoroughly examine audition-related data and documents from previous years.

Shannon Phillips

Christie Crummel, previous director

Cathy Wheat, previous director


Office files, team directory

Compile a spreadsheet listing all available documents and all prior data to date.

Determine the foundational areas of research.  Identify areas for growth in this process.

Shannon Phillips

2/15/13 – 3/15/13

Audition-related data, personal experience

Master list compiled for further use in this process.  

Obtain audition-related documents in use in three similar programs. 

Shannon Phillips
Stephanie Lyle, CFISD
Alice Dack, FMISD
Erin Campbell, AISD


Applications, parent meeting agendas, score sheets, tabulation software, prep course syllabus, etc. 

Review all data; look for similarities and differences; note ideas to incorporate into program

Convene an audition review committee.

Shannon Phillips

Walter Kelly, Principal, Site-Supervisor

One parent representative from each class (9th-12th)

One student representative from each class (9th-12th)

Alumnae representative


Conference room of adequate size

Post-it notes


Legal pads

Supporting audition documents

Brainstorm new ideas and discuss current protocols

Ask/answer questions

Record responses

Survey students who auditioned in 2012 and their parents:

a)    Returning members
b)    New candidates who made the team
c)    New candidates who did not make the team.

Shannon Phillips

Emily Sanchez, Assistant Director


Internet-based survey program

Results of electronic survey

Interview colleagues who serve as judges in Fine Arts auditions.  Gather data on how their experience at HP compares with their experiences elsewhere.  Scoring, agenda, curriculum, etc.

Shannon Phillips

Lisa Dalton

Erin Green

Kelli Finglass

Dana Blair

Shelly Wayne


Use of email to communication information

Review interview questions and look for similarities in ideas presented in other steps

Based on survey results, adjust curriculum in Spring Prep Classes

Shannon Phillips


Planning calendar

Student achievement in performance at end of each unit

Invite guest physical therapists to give injury prevention workshop to Prep Classes. Incorporate exercises into prep classes on a weekly basis.

Shannon Phillips

Dave Suprenant

Andrea Maynard



Injury Prevention Handout

Reduction in injuries during the Spring 2013 semester; evaluate again after Auditions in December 2013.  Compare data.

Roll out new audition procedures at Mandatory Parent/Candidate meeting

Shannon Phillips

Emily Sanchez, Assistant Director

Evan Heckmann, Assistant Principal


Updated application, policies, audition-related document, score sheet, power-point presentation

Pay attention to questions asked after meeting.

Administer pre-tryout survey to students prior to 2013 audition.

Shannon Phillips


Internet-based survey program

Review survey results, reteach or address any areas of concern. 

Hold 2013 Auditions

Shannon Phillips

Emily Sanchez, Assistant Director

Evan Heckmann,
Assistant Principal





Record and review each event

Add 2013 data to that from 2011 and 2012.  Compare results.

Shannon Phillips



Compare final audition results

Administer same survey from 2012 to all students (and their parents) involved in 2013 audition. 

Shannon Phillips


Internet-based survey program

Look for improvements based on initial list of areas of growth.  Add to cumulative data.

Present findings and recommendations at the 2015 Texas Dance Educators Association Annual Convention.

Shannon Phillips


PowerPoint presentation





Workshop evaluations will be completed by membership at the close of my presentation. 


  1. Your planning template is well organized. On your advisory committee, you might want to consider having more than 1 parent and 1 student on your committee. I like that you will be presenting a an annual convention.
    This looks great! Good luck.

  2. Looks like a lot of work was put into your template. Looks good! My only concern might be is that if you don't get enough of the internet surveys completed to use in your research, will you have a back-up plan. Everything else looks good. I would appreciate a comment on mine: Thanks!

  3. We did a survey at the end of last year's Youth Baseball season, and we learned a lot from the results. People love to talk...the results you get should be interesting. Who will you share those with?

  4. I agree with Pam about not having enough participation in the internet surveys. Maybe you could hold a team meeting near a computer lab where they could all go take the survey at the beginning or the end of the meeting. I looks like you have a well thought out plan with varying components. Will your judges offer a rubric style evaluation instrument that they have used in the past that worked well for them?

  5. You have a tough job. Our cheerleading and dance tryouts are some of the toughest things to do on our campus. There is always someone hurt and upset when things don't go well. The survey is a great idea and I agree with Stacy on making all participants take the survey before they audition.