Monday, April 1, 2013

Action Research Update

It’s been a busy semester thus far, and fitting in my action research plan amongst my other coursework has honestly been a challenge. That being said, though, I’ve made it work and I’m happy to have progressed a little further along both in this project and my internship hours. I’ve worked on the following three specific steps: 1. Convene an audition review committee – This step was particularly helpful in generating areas of the audition process that needed specific attention. The committee was appropriately composed of an administrator, students of each grade level, parents of students in each grade level, and alumnae representative. Notes from this discussion will directly impact my revisions to the 2013 tryout process. 2. Adjust curriculum in Spring Prep Classes – At the request of my students, I’ve tempered our technique/conditioning work with additional choreography this semester. I think the students will benefit from the choreography that will make them more comfortable and prepared at auditions. 3. Guest Teachers/Physical Therapists – I was pleased to invite two athletic trainers/therapists to each of my prep classes. They instructed students on proper alignment for stretching and gave them specific theraband exercises to do at home. I have incorporated several of the techniques into my daily warmup. The next big step is to jump feet first into Survey Monkey and get my surveys out before the semester ends and the students/parents lose details from the last tryout process. While I do anticipate several changes to my AR as I complete the process, I do not have any changes to report at this time.

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